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When I try to view my account I get an error 500 message

This problem tends to be caused by browser cookies from 3rd party applications not being allowed in the Safari Web browser by default.

Please try the following to correct the problem:

  • You will need to allow cookies from 3rd party applications in the Safari browser on your computer or I-device to get your statements.
  • To enable cookies is simple. Go to the browser settings, under privacy setting there is an option to allow cookies, the user will need set the block cookies setting to "never".
  • Alternatively ask your IT Support Department to assist you, or try using another web browser like Internet Explorer, etc.



Browser Compatibility - Error when trying to view/download my e-Statement  (REVISIT THIS SECTION)

We are aware that certain browsers are experiencing difficulty accessing the e-Statements Application. It is suggested that Internet Explorer browser be utilised to gain access to the Application. We apologise for the inconvenience.


Your website displays a Blank Page when trying to view my e-Statement

If you are connecting via a firewall, ask your Firewall / Security Team to assist you in accessing the page. This issue is normally caused by a local setting that is prohibiting access to the web page. You may also try connecting using your 3G or mobile phone.


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